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100 Days

In 2021 I committed myself to The Instagram #100 Day Project as a way of getting back on track with daily studio practice.

The brief was to choose your own project then make something on that theme every day for 100 days.

Rather than work to a theme, I decided to explore materials and process, specifically texture and mark-making and to keep it small so I'd be more likely to stick with it. Despite avoiding 'themes' and trying to keep my approach abstract, they almost all ended up as landscapes or landscape-inspired!


It was a learning journey well worth repeating and I was so pleased I made it to day 100! Some of the results didn't make the grade and some were photos and drawings, but just over half seemed worthy of finishing and framing.

I'm so pleased with how they look in their frames! - And the small format feels intimate when hung in just the right place or as part of a little group.

There are two slightly different sizes - 19.6 cms square or 17.3 cms square (including the frame), but those that work well together in a group are likely to be the same size and frame colour. 


All are sold ready to hang in a black or white stained wood frame with a shadow gap. I have chosen the colour of the frame that best suits each image.


They are £95 each which includes the frame and UK shipping. Please contact me to ask about shipping outside the UK.

For more detail just click an image

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