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Landscape -Inspired Paintings & Prints

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“…Just wanted to say that my wife and I purchased your painting which is now in our lounge for us to enjoy each day. We really love it and will give it a good home and will appreciate the view and light it generates each day!”  M.F. 



If you would like to commission a painting that is more personal to you or to give as a gift, please do get in touch by clicking the link below!

Commissioned work is a collaboration between you and me and so we will need to discuss your ideas in detail. Please do have a look at my work first to decide whether you think the way I paint fits with what you have in mind.

We can then talk about your ideas for subject matter, size, budget and more.

Price very much depends on size as the larger you go, the more time and materials are involved. As a very general guideline, a commissioned piece could cost £250 for the smallest size - around 25 x 35 cms, and £1200 for around 60 x 100 cms, excluding shipping and framing.

Please see terms in the footer below for more information.

"Wow, they are both fabulous, you've done an amazing job Gigi! " K.H.

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