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Dramatic light and texture conjure up the feeling of real, remembered and imagined places


The art we choose to live with can connect with us on a deeply personal level and this often comes from the less 'recognisable' features of a painting - a particular colour combination, light effect or gesture that seems to ring true.

I am increasingly intrigued by the connections between Nature and emotional experience -

little glimmers of light and ambiguous shadows

seem to give form to a state of mind. 

It is the feeling of being there that I aim for in my paintings.

'There' can be an actual location or a more spiritual one - or both at the same time.


I work mainly in oils and enjoy exploring a variety ways to use it - with cold wax, for example.


I sometimes work on top of mixed media and acrylic layers with oil paint in a process of adding and subtracting to build rich textures in the surface of the paint.

This process often takes me in more abstract directions.

Working outside in the landscape helps me to record my responses to something while it is fresh and compelling. I then develop and refine the work in the studio, often as a series, because there's always too much to explore in just one painting.


Even with commissioned pieces I tend to work on more than one version at a time to explore different approaches.

I'm based in South Wales, UK and spend part of the year in my studio in France.

I exhibit regularly in both solo and group shows and Art Fairs both locally and further afield.

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"Painting is a mysterious process, hovering between a thought and a thing" - Arthur Maderson

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