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Twisted Narrative

Twisted Narrative


This is one-off print, using the monotype method. It has been signed and numbered in pencil. The image size is 30 x 20 cms on acid free paper measuring approximately 42 x 30 cms. It is sold unframed and unmounted for your own choice of finish. I attempted this one several times and ended up with two similar (but unique) ones so they are numbered as an edition of two.


Monotype prints, as the name suggests are one of a kind. This one was made by rolling ink on to an acrylic sheet, then removing the ink in a variety of ways to create texture and tone – like subtractive drawing. The more ink that is removed, the lighter/whiter the tone is. The inked up plate was printed with a printing press on to dampened paper. The results are even less predictable than collagraph techniques, but when it works it feels like magic!


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